Put #BigBusinessEnergy behind your Big Business Goals (with the business sisters you’ve always wanted).

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Things in your business are good. Really good.

But you're not a "really good" kind of boss.

Six-figure revenue? In the bank.
Dream clients? On the calendar.
Online community? Growing every day.

But you and I both know there’s more out there for you. You want next-level. You want phenomenal. You want legacy.

But you’re not quite sure how to make it happen.

Let me guess... 

You want more income. A bigger impact. Sold-out launches and waitlist-only services. Celebrity-level influence in your industry.

You want a business that stands the test of time and creates the freedom you’ve always wanted.

And you want it to feel easier than ever.

You want it all…with a side of grabbing brunch on a Tuesday just because you can.

You’re ready to go from successful service provider to legacy CEO.


you belong in the

This program is an exclusive mastermind for businesswomen who are ready to scale from successful six-figure service provider to legacy CEOs. We’re putting #BigBusinessEnergy all over your business and goals… and we’re ready for you to dive in.

Bizfluencer Mastermind

How do you know if you’re a Bizfluencer?

You're one of us if...

  • You’ve hit the 6-figure mark in your business. That’s cool and all…but you want more (your vibe is more Chanel and cappuccinos, after all). 
  • You’re craving scalable systems that will carry your business to the million-dollar mark and beyond–while making it feel easier than ever.
  • You’re building a legacy, not just a business. You want to turn your business into an asset that works for you and your family for years to come.
  • You want celebrity-level influence in your industry. Best-kept secret? No thanks! You’re ready to step into the spotlight.

The Bizfluencer Mastermind was designed to be your last stop on the business coaching train. No more seeking another support system for your next breakthrough.

It’s time for you to grab hold of the money, influence, impact, ease, freedom and flow you deserve in your business.

You’re home. (And we have a latte waiting for you!)

You, me, 365 days


The Bizfluencer Mastermind is a minimum one year commitment…And I guarantee you won’t recognize your business 12 months from now. The best part? If you want to stick around, your spot is yours forever–because we know you won’t ever want to leave.

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“Working with Donata is the perfect combination of having a business coach and emotional support coach. She not only walks you through the mental and emotional journey that comes along with owning a business, but she’s also here to show you how it’s done and how you can do it too.

She’s the big sister, supportive friend, all around badass who wants to see you succeed and will never let you forget your own dream. Get ready to reach your goals, because having the DW force behind you means it’s f*cking go time. 💯🔥"

She did it...

and you can too.



This container is designed to support your growth through every level of business. But we’re not just focused on the coins and the commas (although they’ll come, I promise). Because we know our special breed of Bizfluencer doesn’t just want money. You also want:

Our Secret Weapon

the Bizfluencer success pillars

02. Impact

There are only so many hours in a day…and you want to use them to impact as many people as possible. That means making shifts to reach the masses–while keeping your time commitment the same (or even less)!

03. Legacy

You didn’t start your business to have to work forever. But if you’re just providing a service without the right structure, your business can’t function without you. We’ll teach you how to structure a business that works for you and your family for years to come–whether you want to work, retire, or pass it on. Is that the start of old money we see?!

04. Freedom + Flow

What’s the point of owning a business if life doesn’t feel amazing along the way? A bizfluencer builds her business to support her lifestyle–not the other way around. We’ll dig into the boundaries, mindset work, and scalable systems you need to keep you out of the weeds and on cloud 9 in your business.

01. Influence

Who wants to be their industry’s best kept secret? You certainly don’t! We’ll focus on growing your authority and visibility within your industry to household-name levels. Because with a biz this fabulous, everyone will be talking.


We don’t do "capping out.” The best type of business is the one that was built to scale as far as you desire to go–so you’ll never go through growing pains. Elevate your scalability with systems, structure, and automations that allow your business to take the work of your shoulders, keeping you in your genius and building your legacy.

elevate your...


Create a brand that sells like first-class tickets to the hottest vacation destination of the year. Elevate your marketing and sales strategies to bring in more soulmate clients who can't wait to buy. Go from a trusted resource to a highly paid thought-leading powerhouse in your industry.


You don’t just want paying customers; you want lifetime fans who buy from your business again and again. Elevate your business with a white-glove client experience and high-impact offer suite that keep them coming back for more, year after year. 


You know your next level requires you to step into a new version of yourself. Elevate the CEO behind the business with a community of incredible business owners who will push you to evolve your leadership, boundaries, decision making, and joy in your business.

And we're doing it all with my Elevate scaling framework.

“Donata is the big sister, mama bear, ‘tell it like it is’ coach you never knew you needed. She will get you fired up about success and encourage you to dream bigger than you ever thought you could.

Life today looks like waking up without an alarm, having lunch with my husband just because, being able to work on my terms – when and where I want and most importantly, feeling fulfilled and satisfied with the business I created."

She did it...

and you can too.



Your New Business Besties

It can be lonely at the top–but it doesn’t have to be. The Bizfluencer Mastermind is your forever sisterhood of business besties who get it. We’re talking a no-competition zone of women slaying it across industries and building wealth and lifestyles to match. Sunday brunch is invite-only, and the sister-level support is always flowing.

Private Kickoff Call with Donata

Grab your coffee (or champagne, your choice!) and let’s dive in. We’ll create your personalized plan for success inside the Mastermind. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to get the most out of the program and what your next steps are.

Twice-Monthly Group Mastermind Calls

Join your business sisters for twice-monthly group coaching calls. We’ll be talking strategy, structure, systems, visibility, marketing, mindset and more. Come learn not just from Donata, but the other amazing Bizfluencers in our space. These calls are where breakthroughs (and celebrations!) happen.

Private Community

You have business on the brain 24/7, and you need support that keeps up. That’s why the Bizfluencer Mastermind comes with our all-access online Slack channel–a community that can give you the answers you need in between calls. You’ll have direct access to Donata with a guaranteed 24-hour response time Monday through Friday.

Exclusive Group Coworking Sessions

You’ve got funnels to build, copy to write, content to create, and invoices to send. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have dedicated time to blast through your to-do list? You will with our exclusive coworking sessions! We’re putting it on the calendar: Cross everything off your list with zero distractions. 

Quarterly Virtual Workshops

Dive deep and learn the latest and greatest business strategies in our quarterly virtual workshops. Implement the systems and techniques that will absolutely launch your business forward–all while forging deeper connections with your Bizfluencer besties.


You’ve seen them. You’ve scrolled them. And you’ve seen other people skyrocket their social presence with them. You’re hearing about the absolutely insane growth and sales others are seeing with Instagram Reels, and you want in. The good news: Reel Fast Growth teaches you how to rock your Reels, grow your following, and convert more clients…no dancing required.

In this crowded online world, it’s tough to get the attention you deserve. Online, you are who your social media profiles say you are. Let’s make your first impression count with visual content that stops their scroll. Visual Content Academy teaches you how to become your own professional content team–and create photos and videos that capture your audience online.

Reel Fast Growth

Visual Content Academy

You want to attract clients on social media…but what do you say?! Learn how our social media marketing agency creates content for ourselves and our multimillion-dollar clients that captures attention, connects you to your ideal client, and convinces them to buy. With 370 post ideas--and the details about how they'll work for your business--you'll never run out of things to talk about. 

1 Year of Social Prompts

The Bizfluencer Mastermind is a 12-month commitment. Are you in?

i'm so in!

If I’ve learned anything from nearly 10 years in online business, it’s that environment is everything.

When I started my business, I was on my own–and I thought it had to stay that way. Nobody in my circle quite “got it.” I spent many wasted hours trying to learn, implement, and push through mindset blocks on my own.

There was nobody to turn to–and nobody to celebrate with.

Making the shift from service provider to CEO of a growing team and expanding business was rough. Because the support system wasn’t there, it cost me time (and hella $$!) to make the shift. I realized that to push past the 6-figure mark, I needed a tight-knit squad and a mentor that had been where I wanted to go.

Hi, I'm Donata.

And I wondered: How much more could I grow and expand with a group of women to share this journey with?

So I built what I wish I had back in the day.

We do big goals, big dreams, and Big Business Energy. Bizfluencers stick together.

The Bizfluencer Mastermind is the program I wish existed when I was growing my social media marketing agency and coaching business to multi-six-figures and beyond.

I don’t want another badass entrepreneur doing this alone or shrinking back in fear of what others will think.

- Donata

Let’s put some Big Business Energy behind your business goals.

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Bizfluencer Mastermind

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you know you’re made for more. It’s time to create the Influence, Impact, Legacy, Freedom and Flow you crave and deserve in your business. There’s no better place than inside.

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