Thinking Bigger and Developing Your Business Brain

Remember when you were 20 and you had no idea about life? And then 25+ rolled around and your brain just sort of… clicked into adulthood? The same thing happens when you develop your business brain. Instead of thinking about beginner level tasks or worrying about the small things, this shift occurs where you start to think bigger, make better decisions, gain that confidence, and begin to really understand how and why your business is growing.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing: the difference between beginner problems and higher level problems, a beginner mindset vs. developed mindset, an illustration of the shift I experienced in my business, the before and afters of the business brain shift, how client turnover is completely normal (it’s not personal, it’s just business), the importance of mentorship, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to have a big vision for your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Initiating the shift between beginner brain and developed business brain
  • Recognizing the shift you’ll feel when you develop your business brain
  • Critical thinking in business
  • The purpose of mentorship and coaching
  • Why you can dream bigger than just 6 or 7 figures (hint: the small business administration of the U.S. says that a “marketing business” is considered a small business when bringing in LESS than $16 million a year in revenue 👀)

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