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Go to school, get a steady job, make just enough money, budget and save, and retire after 40 years of things being “good enough.”

You? You’re the main character. And your story is about to get a lot more interesting.

There’s only one problem: “Good enough” is fine for everyone else…but not for you.

You’ve read the script: 

Maybe you’re the leading lady, rushing off to another day in your cubicle, wondering if this is as good as it gets (Hint: It gets so. much. better.)

Maybe you’ve been daydreaming from your favorite coffee shop about being just like those millionaire, work-from-wherever coaches that look like they’re having the time of their lives. (We are, and there’s room for you, too.)

Or maybe you’ve already started your online business, and you’re looking for the business meet-cute that will change everything for you. (Hi! Nice to meet you.)

Imagine what it will feel like to be the A-Lister who gets the guy, the career, the money, and the freedom at the end of the story (but really, we know it’s just the beginning).

Your adventure starts now.
Lights. Camera. Action.

Build an online business with incredible influence + impact,
Create $10K+ months doing what you absolutely love,
And set yourself up to scale your business to infinity (and beyond, of course.)

Average story, the end? You’re not here for it. You’re ready to:

you belong in the

You already have the main character energy. Now it’s time to give you the tools to turn you into a superstar. You’ll learn:

→ How to turn what you love to do into a sustainable, profitable, time-of-your-life business.
→ How to do all the right things (and none of the wrong ones) to get to $10K months fast.
→ How to turn your story into an absolute online business blockbuster.

Ignite Accelerator

No more trying to cobble together strategy from “how-to” posts on social media.

No more hopping from program to program, wondering which one will be the key that finally makes your business machine work.

No wondering where to even start.

This is the only program you need to start and grow your coaching or service business. 

It's all here, step by step. 

You’re ready to Ignite if…

  • You want to start a coaching or service-based business that brings in consistent $10K months
  • You have an online business already, but you’re tired of waiting for it to pop. You want to get the show on the road!
  • You are ready to work with the dreamiest clients–and want them reaching out to you.
  • You want to learn how to use social media to be profitable, not just popular.
  • You want to master non-sleazy sales that actually work (and feel good for you and your clients!)
  • You want to set yourself up to scale, going from service provider to legacy CEO.

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01. The Tools

You’re so over cobbling together pieces of business strategy from all over the place. Stop trying to build a business off the back of mini courses, free workshops, webinars, and social media posts!

It’s time for an all-in one, step by step solution. And we’ve got you covered.

Inside the Ignite Accelerator, you’ll build the foundations of a business built to grow and scale. You’ll learn the right strategies in the right order to make your business as easy, flowy, profitable and scalable as possible–all at the same time.

It’s not enough to know what to do–you need to be set up for success, too. Inside the Ignite Accelerator, you won’t just get the tools and strategies, but also the support you need to implement and see success. 

02. The Support

But we know it’s not enough to know the steps. You need the live support that helps you customize your strategy, troubleshoot, and keep your mindset tuned up for action. That’s why Ignite is more than a course–it’s a complete mastermind experience designed for entrepreneurs just like you. You’ll get monthly live coaching calls with multi-six-figure CEO Donata White, who has the corporate and business expertise to help you become the star we already know you are.

03. The Community

A leading lady wouldn’t be complete without her supportive crew! You have business on the brain 24/7, and you need support that keeps up. That’s why the Ignite Accelerator comes with our all-access online channel–a community that can give you the answers you need in between calls. You’ll have direct access to the other members–and Donata with a guaranteed 24-hour response time Monday through Thursday.

04. The Mindset

Building a business is an inside job. Luckily, Ignite has just the support you need to stay at the top of your game. Get ready for inside-out transformation that allows you to stay the course when life starts life-ing. Master the mindset that will allow you to create more while working less and go bigger than you ever thought possible.


Vanilla ice cream is great, but how many people would say it’s their favorite flavor? Ignite the brand that goes beyond “just okay” and makes your ideal clients drool. Stay top-of-mind, as craveworthy as an ice cream sundae with all the toppings–and a cherry on top. 

Ignite Your...


Create offers that sell like tickets to the hottest movie of the year. Ignite your offers with your own unique methodology–the special sauce that provides amazing results for your clients and makes you stand out from the crowd. 


You don’t just want paying customers; you want lifetime fans who buy from your business again and again. Ignite your business with a white-glove customer experience that keeps them coming back for more, year after year. 


We don’t do "capping out.” The best type of business is the one that was built to scale from day one–so you’ll never go through growing pains. Ignite your scalability with systems, structure, and the personal growth that takes you from Service Provider to true CEO. 

Monthly Mastermind Sessions with Donata

It’s one thing to know what to do. It’s a whole other (way better) thing to have support while you do it. Join our group of badass business owners monthly for personalized, cutting-edge business coaching with Donata. We’ll cover anything and everything you need to know to build your business–funnels, messaging, branding, Instagram, systems, you name it. We’ll leave no stone unturned (and no question unanswered) as you build your business to $10K and beyond.

Lifetime Access to the Ignite Training Library

Dive into our ever-growing training library to find the A-Z essentials you need to start and grow your online coaching or service business. Binge our 10 core modules at your own pace–all at once or week by week. Then keep the learning going with our growing bank of bonus trainings.

The best part? You have lifetime access to it all, including any future updates, so you can always jump back in for a re-watch.

Exclusive 24/7
Online Community

Sure, we both know you could do big things on your own. But why? No need to play the strong, independent lead. Ignite comes with a built-in squad of business besties, ready to support you 24/7 inside our private online community. If you have a question, need some feedback, want to vent, or need your cheer squad, we’re here for you. 

Exclusive Group Coworking Sessions

You’ve got funnels to build, copy to write, content to create, and invoices to send. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have dedicated time to blast through your to-do list? You will with our exclusive coworking sessions! We’re putting it on the calendar: Cross everything off your list with zero distractions. 

You’ve seen them. You’ve scrolled them. And you’ve seen other people skyrocket their social presence with them. You’re hearing about the absolutely insane growth and sales others are seeing with Instagram Reels, and you want in. The good news: Reel Fast Growth teaches you how to rock your Reels, grow your following, and convert more clients…no dancing required.

You want to attract clients on social media…but what do you say?! The Influence Content Hub makes social media strategy a total no-brainer. Get 6 months of access to our membership, with a monthly content calendar (complete with prompts, outlines, and photo suggestions!), a bank of trending audio for Reels, and our bank of stock images and presets. It’s like having our social media marketing agency in your pocket.

In this crowded online world, it’s tough to get the attention you deserve. Online, you are who your social media profiles say you are. Let’s make your first impression count with visual content that stops their scroll. Visual Content Academy teaches you how to become your own professional content team–and create photos and videos that capture your audience online.

Reel Fast Growth

The Influence Content Hub

Visual Content Academy

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get these bonuses: 

Decide to make it a reality. 

You’ve been dreaming of the influence,  impact, freedom, and flow of an online business that brings in $10K or more a month. 

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01. Your Standout Brand

Nail your niche and shine like a star with a solid brand that attracts your ideal clients. 

Take a peek backstage.

Here’s what's inside the training library:

02. Your Unique Methodology 

There are other people out there who do what you do–but nobody does it quite like you. Learn how to turn your unique approach into a client-attraction machine.

03. Packaging 

It’s your work with a bow on top. Learn how to structure your offers to bring your clients killer results and be able to charge rates you know you deserve. 

04. Client Experience

You have a heart for your clients, so take care of your people with a top-notch client experience that keeps them coming back for more.

05. Sales

Master non-sleazy sales tactics that feel like fun and have your ideal clients saying “yes, please!”

06. Social Media Strategy 

Leverage free platforms to capture your ideal clients’ attention, connect them with your brand, and convince them to buy. 

07. Content Creation

Create more content that actually converts into sales–in less time. 

08. Supercharged Social

Build and nurture a community of raving brand fans with strategies that make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger. 

09. Set to Scale

Build the foundations of a scalable business from Day 1, so you never experience growing pains. 

10. Service Provider to CEO

Go from small business to legacy CEO with the mindset shifts, vision, and focus you need to grow. 

The Ignite Accelerator is reserved for people who...

Dream of building a sustainable business that impacts thousands–without the frustration of trying to piece together random bits of strategy from across the Internet. You want a foolproof plan, and you’re ready to get started now. 

Know that creating $10K+ months doesn’t happen with just a hope and a dream. You’re ready to take action to build the business of your dreams, and have fun while doing it. 

Want it all–the influence, impact, legacy, freedom & flow you desire and deserve. 

Are tired of hopping from program to program and coach to coach looking for the right fit. You’re ready to find your people and stick around to grow together for the long haul. 

Want to link arms and do life with like-minded business owners who can motivate you and cheer you on. Get ready to travel at light speed with your new business besties. 

The Ignite Accelerator is for you. 

If you’re still here and haven’t joined us yet, here’s your sign:

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(You wouldn’t still be reading if it wasn’t.)

You want that delicious, juicy, 5-figure-month business, and you don’t have it yet.

You could keep doing exactly what you’re doing now, but let’s be real; that’s going to get you the exact same results you’re already getting. Plus, who wants to watch a movie where our heroine never makes any big moves to change her life?

Step into the star you were always meant to be inside Ignite.

I know what it’s like to make a big, scary move toward your dreams.

In 2018, I left my job as a full-time lawyer (making big, secure $$$) to found Coffee Date Media, my social media marketing agency.

My husband and I left our big, fancy New York City apartment, packed up our car, and drove back to our home state of North Carolina to live with his parents.

Without those fat professional paychecks coming in, I couldn’t afford to stay one foot in and one foot out of my business.

So I dove in head-first. I linked up with my first Business Coach. I experimented with strategies, worked on my mindset, and built my own community of business owners to do it all with.

And 7 figures later, I haven’t looked back.

Now it’s your turn (no trial and error required).

Hi, I'm Donata.

- Donata

Monthly Mastermind Sessions with Donata
(Value $5,000)

Lifetime Access to the 10-Module Ignite Accelerator Training Library
(Value $4,997)

Weekly group coworking sessions
(Value $997)

6 Months of access to the Influence Content Hub 
(Value $600)

Lifetime Access to Visual Content Academy 
(Value $500)

Lifetime Access to Reel Fast Growth
(Value $400)

6 months of access to the 24/7 Ignite Accelerator digital community–and lifetime access to the connections you make inside

I'm ready for the pay plan - 6 x $850

I'm ready for the PIF Price - $4997

Donata White's


online business


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I talk to someone to make sure the Ignite Accelerator is right for me?
If you’ve made it this far, you probably know deep down that Ignite is perfect for you. But when you join our squad, you’re never alone. Send me a DM on Instagram, and we’ll work together to make sure this is the perfect fit for you.

How long is the Ignite Accelerator?
Your initial commitment in the Ignite Accelerator is 6 months, but you can stay as long as you like! We know that long-term support is key for growing your business to those life-changing $10K+ months, so once you link arms with us, we’re here to stay.

What is your refund policy?
I know you’re going to love Ignite. But just to cover our bases:
Digital products can’t be returned like that latest Amazon purchase that didn’t work out. Therefore, we do not offer refunds on this program.