The only program you need to start and grow your coaching or service business to $10K months.

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(without spending money on ads, working 40+ hours per week, or building a large audience)

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The only program you need to start and grow your coaching or service business to $10K months.

(without spending money on ads, working 40+ hours per week, or building a large audience)

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online business


There’s only one problem: “Good enough” is fine for everyone else…but not for you.

You? You’re the main character. And your story is about to get a lot more interesting.

Go to school, get a steady job, make just enough money, budget and save, and retire after 40 years of things being “good enough.”

the script

you've read

Maybe you’re the leading lady, rushing off to another day in your cubicle, wondering if this is as good as it gets (Hint: It gets so. much. better.)

Maybe you’ve been daydreaming from your favorite coffee shop about being just like those millionaire, work-from-wherever coaches that look like they’re having the time of their lives. (We are, and there’s room for you, too.)

Or maybe you’ve already started your online business, and you’re looking for the business meet-cute that will change everything for you. (Hi! Nice to meet you.)

Imagine what it will feel like to be the A-Lister who gets the guy, the career, the money, and the freedom at the end of the story (but really, we know it’s just the beginning).

Your adventure starts now.
Lights. Camera. Action.

The only program you need to start and grow your coaching business to $10K months ASAP, without spending thousands on ads, posting 3x a day, or waiting months for your audience to grow.



online business


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This is the only program you need to start and grow your business to $10K months. 

No more trying to cobble together strategy from Google and “how-to” posts on social media. No more hopping from program to program, wondering which one will be the key that finally makes your business machine work.

No more wasting hours writing content and not knowing what to say to get your next client. 

No more doing everything in your business from manually onboarding clients, to sending out invoices, to coaching, and working more than you did in your 9-5.

No wondering where to even start.

It's all inside the Ignite Accelerator.

Create a signature high-ticket offer that sells like seats at the hottest concert tour of the year. Ignite your offer with your own unique methodology–the special sauce that provides amazing results for your clients and makes you stand out from the crowd. 


  • YOUR UNIQUE METHODOLOGY: There are other coaches who do what you do–but nobody does it quite like you. Learn how to turn your unique approach into a one-of-a-kind process that gets your clients results and gets you paid. 

  • PACKAGING: It’s your work with a bow on top. Learn how to structure your offers to bring your clients killer results and charge $1000-$5000+ --and be worth every penny.

  • CLIENT EXPERIENCE: You have a heart for your clients, so take care of your people with a top-notch client experience that keeps them coming back for years and referring all their friends.

Phase 2: Attract + Convert on IG

Vanilla ice cream is great, but how many people would say it’s their favorite flavor? Ignite the brand that goes beyond basic and makes your ideal clients drool.  Create a simple IG marketing machine that attracts and converts your ideal clients--no algorithm-hacking required.


  • THE C4 MARKETING METHOD: Learn my proprietary C4 Marketing process to Capture, Connect, Convince, and Convert your audience into clients on Instagram.

  • TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE: Use a combination of growth content and conversion content to build a targeted audience of buyers, not just lurkers.

  • SIMPLE IG STRATEGY: Forget posting 3x a day and trying to hack the algorithm. We'll show you how to create one simple post per day on IG to attract and convert your clients.

  • CONTENT CREATION: Create more content in less time. Get your core IG marketing done in just 3-5 hours per week!

We're getting you to $10K months with my proven 4-step Ignite business growth process.

Phase 3: The 30-Minute Enrollment Call

Bro marketing is so 2016. We're over the pushy pitches and hour-long sales calls disguised as "free coaching sessions." You know that a great sales experience is the start of a great client experience. Inside the Ignite Accelerator, I'll teach you my 30-Minute Enrollment Call that converts more people in less time so you can work less, make more, and never feel like a sleazy salesperson. 


  • QUALITY LEADS: Attract only the people most qualified for your program to get on a call, so more calls convert, and you're never wasting your time with people who aren't a good fit.

  • SHORT, SIMPLE SALES: The Ignite Accelerator process ensures that when you get on a call, you're answering questions instead of handling objections. 

  • QUICK CONVERSIONS: If someone is a good fit, enroll them right on the call to turn them into your next client!

Phase 1: Your High-Ticket Offer 

Phase 4: Automate Your Business

"CEO" doesn't stand for "Chief Everything Officer." And you didn't start your business to become a slave to it. We'll automate your business so you can finally enjoy the time and financial freedom you started it for in the first place. 


  • AUTOMATED ONBOARDING: Automate your onboarding by sending automatic invoices, contracts, and welcome materials and getting your clients scheduled for their sessions automatically, saving you 3-5 hours a week.

  • STREAMLINED OFFBOARDING: Simplify and automate your client offboarding by automatically sending offboarding info and collecting referrals and client testimonials.

  • AUTOMATED TASK MANAGEMENT: Automate client check-ins and other recurring tasks in your business to free up 5-10 hours per week. 

  • SCALABLE STRUCTURES: How to structure your growing business to scale at every level, so you never hit a glass ceiling no matter how big you grow. 

The Ignite Accelerator is jam-packed with more info and education than I ever expected to know to help me be successful as a coach. This program has all the tools needed to create a clear standout brand, offer suite and marketing strategy that can grow as you do. This program goes deep into how to create a foundation that will allow you to easily begin scaling when ready. When applied, this info is incredibly valuable!

The education helped to make running my online business simpler (which my neurodivergent brain really needs), and any time I had a question or needed encouragement through an emotional or mindset block,

Donata really knows her stuff and is super passionate about her work and it shows. I've never been disappointed in any of the offerings that Donata has created, and the Ignite Accelerator is no exception...

10/10 recommend!"

Donata and the community were there with tons of support and ideas! 

- Jessica  //  RN  /  Self-Love Coach  /  Breathwork Facilitator

Go deep and get hyper-specific, focused masterclasses to supercharge your strategy. As a member of the Ignite Accelerator, you get a library of all of my past masterclasses, as well as any future live masterclasses, topical trainings, and tutorials.

Live Strategy Masterclasses

Our 6 months together will include:

A proven step by step framework to take your coaching business from $0-$10K months in a 10 module course! You’ll learn the right strategies in the right order to make your business as flowy, profitable and scalable as possible–all at the same time. Get instant access upon enrolling.

The Ignite Growth Framework

We know it’s not enough to know the steps. You need the live support that helps you customize your strategy, troubleshoot, and keep your mindset tuned up for action. Twice per month, get customized hot seat coaching for your unique needs from Donata and our expert topic coaches.

2x Monthly Live Coaching Calls

You’ve got an offer to build, copy to write, content to create, and invoices to send. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have dedicated time to blast through your to-do list? We’re putting it on the calendar: Cross everything off your list with zero distractions. 

Weekly Coworking Sessions

You'll never have to implement on your own inside the Ignite Accelerator. We'll make sure your content assets are as stunning as you are. Submit your offers, copy, social posts, emails and more for direct feedback from Donata and the rest of the expert coaching team. 

Custom Asset Review + Feedback

You have business on the brain 24/7, and you need support that keeps up. Our all-access online channel will give you the answers you need in between calls. You’ll have direct access to the other members–and Donata–with a guaranteed 24-hour response time Monday through Thursday.

Private Members-Only Community

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If you're ready to...



Start or grow your coaching business to consistent $10K months on repeat (without ads or waiting months to build a huge audience)

Ditch the social media burnout and build a targeted audience of buyers on IG with just one simple post a day.

Create a high-ticket coaching offer that is irresistible to your ideal clients--so they always get amazing results, and you are always well-paid.

Master the 30-minute enrollment call and convert more clients in less time--no sleaze required.

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01. The Tools

You’re so over cobbling together pieces of business strategy from all over the place. Stop trying to build a business off the back of mini courses, free workshops, webinars, and social media posts!

It’s time for an all-in one, step by step solution. And we’ve got you covered.

Inside the Ignite Accelerator, you’ll build the foundations of a business built to grow and scale. You’ll learn the right strategies in the right order to make your business as easy, flowy, profitable and scalable as possible–all at the same time.

It’s not enough to know what to do–you need to be set up for success, too. Inside the Ignite Accelerator, you won’t just get the tools and strategies, but also the support you need to implement and see success. 

02. The Support

But we know it’s not enough to know the steps. You need the live support that helps you customize your strategy, troubleshoot, and keep your mindset tuned up for action. That’s why Ignite is more than a course–it’s a complete coaching experience designed for entrepreneurs just like you. You’ll get monthly live coaching calls with multi-six-figure CEO Donata White, who has the corporate and business expertise to help you become the star we already know you are.

03. The Community

A leading lady wouldn’t be complete without her supportive crew! You have business on the brain 24/7, and you need support that keeps up. That’s why the Ignite Accelerator comes with our all-access online channel–a community that can give you the answers you need in between calls. You’ll have direct access to the other members–and Donata with a guaranteed 24-hour response time Monday through Thursday.

04. The Mindset

Building a business is an inside job. Luckily, Ignite has just the support you need to stay at the top of your game. Get ready for inside-out transformation that allows you to stay the course when life starts life-ing. Master the mindset that will allow you to create more while working less and go bigger than you ever thought possible.

This is perfect for you if...



online business


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You are a new or aspiring online coach who wants to get your clients incredible results and make a big impact.

You want to use Instagram to market your business (You can't beat a free platform with billions of users!)

You are an expert at what you do, but you need a little help turning that into a $10K/month business.

You're ready to take action and know that creating $10K+ months doesn’t happen with just a hope and a dream. 

You love serving your clients with a high-touch experience and want to create a high-ticket offer worth $1,000-$5,000+.

This is NOT for you if...

You don't want to create a coaching business. You're selling products or otherwise don't want to work live with clients.

You "Hate Instagram" and are unwilling to use it to market your business (even though we'll make it fun and easy). 

You just want to create passive income and have no interest in getting on calls or actively being in your business.

You’ve been in tons of other coaching programs but "nothing has ever worked for you." 

You want to start a business in a niche in which you have no prior expertise (i.e. you want to become a business coach, but you have never built a business, nor do you have a business degree or applicable experience). 

"When I decided to pivot my business, I knew I needed a fresh perspective. And I can’t tell you how blessed I felt working with Donata during that whole shift. Her guidance helped me rethink my business and fully

That mindset shift was THE game changer I needed to reach my next level.

I’m so thankful for her wisdom and support!"

embody my role as CEO.

- kristin // Brand Messaging Strategist + Mentor

Meet Donata

Hi, I'm Donata

I know what it’s like to make a big, scary move toward your dreams.

In 2018, I left my job as a full-time lawyer (making big, secure $$$) to found Coffee Date Media, my social media marketing agency.

My husband and I left our big, fancy New York City apartment, packed up our car, and drove back to our home state of North Carolina to live with his parents.

Without those fat professional paychecks coming in, I couldn’t afford to stay one foot in and one foot out of my business.

So I dove in head-first. I linked up with my first Business Coach. I experimented with strategies, worked on my mindset, and built my own community of business owners to do it all with.

And 7 figures later, I haven’t looked back.
Now it’s your turn (no trial and error required).

Business Mentor for Coaches and Service PRoviders //
Social Media Agency CEO

The Ignite Accelerator is for you. 

If you’re still here and haven’t joined us yet, here’s your sign:

(You wouldn’t still be reading if it wasn’t.)

You want that delicious, juicy, 5-figure-month business, and you don’t have it yet.

You could keep doing exactly what you’re doing now, but let’s be real; that’s going to get you the exact same results you’re already getting. Plus, who wants to watch a movie where our heroine never makes any big moves to change her life?

Step into the star you were always meant to be inside The Ignite Accelerator.

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2x Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions
(Value $5,000)

Access to the 10-Module Ignite Accelerator Training Library 
(Value $5,000)

Weekly Group Coworking sessions
(Value $997)

BONUS: Access to 1 Year of High-Converting Social Media Prompts
(Value $200)

BONUS: Access to Visual Content Academy
(Value $700)

BONUS: Access to Reel Fast Growth
(Value $400)

Access to the Private, 24/7  Digital Community–and Lifetime Access to the Connections Inside

get it all - apply below!

Access to All Past and Future Masterclasses
(Value $500 and growing!)



online business


When you enroll, you'll immediately get 6 months of access to:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I talk to someone to make sure the Ignite Accelerator is right for me?
If you’ve made it this far, you probably know deep down that Ignite is perfect for you. But when you join our squad, you’re never alone. Send me a DM on Instagram, and we’ll work together to make sure this is the perfect fit for you.

How long is the Ignite Accelerator?
Your initial commitment in the Ignite Accelerator is 6 months, but it won't take you that long to see results. And you can stay as long as you like! We know that long-term support is key for growing your business to those life-changing $10K+ months, so once you link arms with us, we’re here to stay.

What is your refund policy?
I know you’re going to love the Accelerator. But just to cover our bases:
Digital products can’t be returned like that latest Amazon purchase that didn’t work out. Therefore, we do not offer refunds on this program.

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