Helpful Terms to Consider for Coaching Contracts

Contracts and Terms (from A Lawyer, not YOUR lawyer)

Once upon a time I was a young Duke graduate, having studied law and off to the races as a big New York attorney… *record scratch* yeah, for real! Your friendly online business coach used to see the ins and outs of contracts and term agreements all. freakin’. day. long. Until finally, I quit to start Coffee Date Media. Today I want to share some inspiration, as AN attorney, not YOUR attorney, that you can take to your law team to protect you and better serve your clients. This episode is not legal advice. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing: helpful terms to consider for your client contracts, what I’ve done as a business owner who knows about contracts, some of the things I like to include in my contracts, why outlining program elements is important, how to protect your intellectual property, and what signing a contract really means.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why contracts actually protect you, your business, and your clients
  • How contracts can keep you out of litigation
  • Contract terms and tips to consider (take this to your attorney)
  • Using your contract to enforce boundaries
  • Using your contract to reassure and make your clients feel safe working with you
  • How contracts provide value to your clients, making you stand out in your industry

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