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If your money mindset is crushing your ability to earn the income you want in business, this episode is for you.

Profitability is the difference between having a business you love and having a business that loves you back.

Learn how to use systems to beat overwhelm for a business you love–and feels great.

2023 is only my third year choosing a word of the year, and I was afraid to share it.

There’s an order to everything. That includes building a 6-figure or 7-figure coaching or service business.

Check out all of my favorites from the month of January!

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Trying to grow your business online, but can’t figure out why having more followers doesn’t always equal more money

In this episode we unpack what your actual fear versus your perceived fears, and how this can impact your business.

I don’t think anyone who starts a business does so without feeling any fear at all.

Social media can be a great tool to connect with people, grow our businesses, and yes, it is even okay to use it for entertainment.

The Latest