Fear in Entrepreneurship Part 2: Fear of Failure

We are talking about every entrepreneur’s biggest fear: The Fear of Failure. Fear is a biological response that we all experience, but as an entrepreneur it can often cause more harm to your business than good.

In this episode we unpack what your actual fear versus your perceived fears, and how this can impact your business. We will also dive into recognizing the snowball effect when it comes to consequences of failure and how to avoid letting your imagination run wild. Because truthfully–failure is never as bad as it seems.  

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • How to redefine what failure actually means, because you alone are the only one who can decide if and when you’ve failed.
  • How to recognize what you’re actually afraid of vs the imagined consequences of failing. 
  • How to focus on the real world consequences of your decisions instead of the made up, and overly dramatic outcomes that you’ve imagined. 
  • How to overcome and work on these fears daily. 

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