Back in the OG days of YouTube, it was standard for women’s beauty and lifestyle vloggers to post a monthly “favorite things” video. I always loved these because it was a chance to see all of the random stuff that people were actually using! I found so many great gadgets, clothing items, and beauty products from those videos. 

I’ve been out of the YouTube game for a while (at least as a lifestyle vlogger), but I love the idea of bringing those favorites roundups back in a little bit of a different way. 

So here they are: All of my January favorite things. Enjoy!

Business Tools

As my business grows, it’s more important than ever that I have our tools and systems ready to handle the influx of customers we know are coming. We’ve upgraded our systems and couldn’t be happier! Here are the two we’re really excited about: 

  • Our CRM is Dubsado, and we love it so much we snagged a lifetime plan during their last sale. It captures lead form submissions, sends proposals, allows contract signing, manages emails and questionnaires, and allows meeting scheduling. Add all of that in with their automated workflows, and it’s basically magic. Try it for yourself: use this link for 20% off your first month or year. 
  • As a social media agency, we manage a ton of projects. And we keep it all organized on I love that we can communicate through the platform, assign tasks, set up automated workflows, and keep track of files, links, and everything else we need. We keep absolutely everything we need to run our agency in here. We’re even building out a content management system within the platform! 

Comfy-Cozy Items

January is definitely a month when I want to enjoy the great indoors. I’m in cozy everything all the time, and I’m enjoying extra cuddles on the couch with Jeff, the dogs, and the cat (when he lets me)! Here are some of my favorite cozy items I’ve been enjoying, all of which I was lucky enough to get for Christmas!

  • A Dreamknit Performance Jogger and Halo Essential Hoodie from Vuori in Light Cloud Heather. This fabric is lightweight, stretchy, and so comfortable. I love the matching set because it looks like an elevated sweatsuit. I am normally between a small and medium in most clothing brands, but I sized up to the medium in both items for an extra-comfy fit.
  • A Barefoot Dreams throw blanket. Honestly, I never got the hype about Barefoot Dreams until we got this throw blanket for Christmas. Holy moly–it’s so soft and such a great size. It’s not too hot, but definitely keeps us warm while we’re playing video games on the couch. Plus, it’s big enough to share (which is great because I can’t seem to get Jeff and the dogs to stop trying to steal it right off my body!)
  • Is this the world’s softest bath robe? I’ve personally never seen one! I have used this robe every single day since my parents got it for me for Christmas. It’s the perfect weight, feels amazing against your skin, and doesn’t shed little annoying fuzzies everywhere.

Workout Gear

Yes, your girl has been on top of those New Year’s health resolutions! Part of making my health journey fun has been snagging some new workout gear. All of my workout clothes were super old (like–several years old, and I have been going to the gym 3 times a week for 10 years). So it was time for some new items!

  • I snagged these leggings for lounging around the house and walking on our new treadmill. I love the fit and fabric of these, although I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing these to an intense strength workout. They’re soft and very stretchy, so they’re perfect for my at-home walking workouts. I do wish the waistband was a little bit higher (these are more of a mid-rise on me), but the fun colors and comfort factor make up for it. 
  • It’s embarrassing to say, but my sports bras were hanging on for dear life. I bought my favorites from Target years ago, and they were discontinued! As a member of the IBTC (if you know, you know), I don’t need a ton of support even during intense workouts. So I love these soft, stretchy, comfortable sports bras from Amazon. I ordered a small, which was recommended in the size chart for my bra size, but I ended up sizing up to a medium, which was a lot more comfortable. 
  • If you love wearing crop tops to the gym, these are fantastic! They’re lightweight and come in really pretty colors. They’re also affordable and wash well. 

What do you think? Should we bring back the favorites roundups? 

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