How to Love Your Business Part 2: Profit

Welcome back to part 2 of our How To Love Your Business series.

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If you didn’t catch Part 1, I suggest you start there.

Today’s is about an even bigger issue I see when it comes to loving your business: Profitability. This is an area where I see entrepreneurs getting upset with their business and not feeling like their business loves them back. There are three main areas that impact profitability that we will focus on today when it comes to profitability: pricing, expenses, and target market.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
– How to shift your mindset around pricing to you never under-charge.
– How to get out of the freelancer mindset and into CEO mode when it comes to pricing.
– How to evaluate your expenses so you can minimize overspending without compromising investments.
– How to find the audience that’s ready to pay premium prices for your offers. 

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