Money Mindset with Dr. Tracy Timberlake

If you know your beliefs about money are hindering your ability to earn the income you want in business, this episode will be massively helpful for you.

I’m so excited to have a guest on this episode: Dr. Tracy Timberlake, a multi-award winning money mindset business coach, speaker and influencer. It’s been a while since the last episode of the Bizfluencer Podcast, but you’ll learn very quickly that this one was worth the wait! I know you’re going to learn tons of valuable information about your money mindset that you can implement to grow your business.

In this episode, I’m talking with Dr. Tracy Timberlake about how we met and where we came from as beauty bloggers way back in 2012– before “influencers” were really even a thing. We share our journeys to become online coaches, how we realized the value of cultivating a strong money mindset, and what we do now to ensure that those money mindsets are always improving.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to recognize your hidden limiting beliefs so you can make the money you truly desire in your business.
  • Why Law of Attraction isn’t just “think good things = good things happen” and how to use law this to increase the amount of money you earn.
  • What it’s costing you to operate from stories about money that were passed down over generations (and how to finally release them so you can stop feeling stuck!)
  • How to implement consistent money mindset practices so you can feel equipped, empowered and even unaffected during economic crises like the current recession.

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