We’re hearing it everywhere right now: People are complaining that the coaching industry is changing. It feels impossible to make money. Here’s a little secret for you: the online learning industry is actually growing, and is expected to be a 475 BILLION dollar industry by 2030. So, why are people struggling so much? Keep listening to find out!

In this episode, I’m sharing: the fact that the online learning industry isn’t changing, but buyer behaviors definitely have, which in turn means your marketing efforts need a major upgrade. Since the pandemic, buyers have become much more sophisticated, and online education and services is no longer a novel concept. What you learned in 2016 about growing a business is a far cry from what works today, so I’ll take you through what specific shifts you need to make if you want to grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why you can’t just whip up a half-hearted automated webinar or throw money at Facebook ads to get clients anymore  
  • How buyers’ decision-making windows have lengthened, and what marketing tweaks to make to support that
  • The number of touchpoints your audience used to need to go from stranger to buyer has more than doubled (and what to do about it)
  • How giving it all away and leaning into deep value and connection is a necessity these days, and specific tips for cultivating that connection with your audience
  • How it’s hurting your business to keep showing up as a palatable, user-friendly version of yourself online instead of being willing to be polarizing and take a stance
  • What your clients are really willing to pay premium pricing for (hint: it’s not information)

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