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If I could go back in time and start my business over again, I know exactly where I’m starting and what I’m doing! But as a new business owner, do you? Skip the guessing game, avoid the same pitfalls I fell into, and save yourself a headache with this simple roadmap designed by your online […]

We’re hearing it everywhere right now: People are complaining that the coaching industry is changing. It feels impossible to make money. Here’s a little secret for you: the online learning industry is actually growing, and is expected to be a 475 BILLION dollar industry by 2030. So, why are people struggling so much? Keep listening […]

Are you unknowingly killing your business results by being “logical?” You might actually not be acting that logically at all. Find out in today’s episode, where we talk about the illogical things you’re doing in your business that are killing your results. What we’re covering today will help you determine where your actions are not […]

It’s so common to call anyone who owns and runs their own business a “CEO,” but there’s actually a big difference between being a CEO in name only and filling the role of a CEO inside your business. And if I have one big regret in my business, it’s not learning about the difference between […]

Today’s episode is a live video from the Hottest Holiday Party on the Internet, a season-long livestream series I am hosting on Instagram. We’re kicking things off strong by giving you the behind the scenes of my entire Q4 launch calendar.  Am I insane for sharing? We’ll find out!  In this episode, I’m sharing what […]

If your money mindset is crushing your ability to earn the income you want in business, this episode is for you.

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Sales is a vital skill for business success. Luckily, Sales Queen Melissa Lin is on the podcast today.

Profitability is the difference between having a business you love and having a business that loves you back.

Learn how to use systems to beat overwhelm for a business you love–and feels great.

2023 is only my third year choosing a word of the year, and I was afraid to share it.

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